4 Ways to Create a Retro Outfit with a Graphic Tee

Honestly, the retro inspired outfit is something that I have never got tired of, if like me you had the privledge (scoff scoff) of experiencing the 80's, 90's AND early 2000's fashion trends then you'll probably be hanging onto some fond memories!

Graphic tees are a wardrobe staple when it comes to creating a retro style outfit. Here are five of my absolute fave ways.

  1. Pair It with High-Waisted Jeans: Ok, ok, these are not for everyone, I know that. But I get so many people message me asking to recommend a style that goes with high waisted jeans, and let's face it they were an 80's and 90's staple.*If* you succumb to this very popular style, I'd recommend tucking your graphic tee in to some mom jeans (literally hate that phrase) or a classic 80's acid wash denim. My fave is always going to be a wide leg, but I no longer have the patience for them dragging along the floor and subsequently getting dunked in every puddle. But I still love them.

  2. Go 80's with a denim jacket.  The bigger the better imo, a nice super baggy, light wash - easy peasy to pick up in vintage shops. Roll up the cuffs and layer over your tee and voila, it's 1985! Accessorise with a cute scrunchie to add that extra bit of 80's chic.

  3. Get knotted: Do you remember saying that? LOLS. Anyway, what I'm referring to here is tying your tee in a knot at the waist, the oversized tees are PERFECT for this. 

  4. Mix Patterns and Textures: Don't be scared to have a play with pattern and  texture, you can pick out a colour in your tee and match it to a colour in a a pattern or you can pair with some trusty cordrouy.